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We’re proud to tell you that our designer dress shirts and more are now in major retailers. We know it’s exciting news to tell shoppers that you can now purchase our products in major retailers as well as a variety of other stores throughout the United States. As a designer dress shirt and pants company, we strive to spread our products through even more stores all over the nation. We like to think that adding distribution to major retailers is just the beginning of a whole new world that’s opening to us. With this being a huge step in the right direction, we also want to inform other companies that may be interested in our products to always reach out to us to order wholesale for their store. We make ordering wholesale from us easy. From big names to small ones, we look forward to working with you to further spread the word about Eight X.

Our Products

We are based on a fashion-forward desire to be an urban inspired day-to-night menswear. Each of our products adds a little more spiciness to the average male closet. If you look around any average office, a majority of the men are dressed in beiges, blues, whites, and blacks, we want to add a splash of color with our products. We’re based on a desire to instill an urban trend in menswear and a more fashion-forward approach for the average male. Our prints, styles, and high-quality fabrics are made to make heads turn and be form fitting for the man who wears them. Each of our products is made in Turkey and are easy to wash due to the cotton material they are created from.

Established in 2006, we’re proud to say that our products are intertwined throughout department stores and boutiques across the nation. By expanding and offering up more and more products, we’re interested in expanding worldwide as well. No two products are the same nor will you find any other similar items to our products in any other store. When you decide to order wholesale from us, you’ll notice the unique trend in your boutique. If you’re interested in ordering wholesale, take the time to peruse our variety of products. From designer dress shirts to swim trunks, you’ll find a little bit of individual style in each product.

By establishing the urbansexual vibe, we want to redefine the modern man into a more fashion-forward individual.

Why Eight X

In most stores, regardless of the season, the men’s section is filled with a variety of blues, whites, browns, and blacks. Eight X wants to go behind that and stretch the imagination of fashion. We strive to be innovative, unique, and high-quality in each product we create. As a wholesaler, we want to give others the opportunity to purchase our items. Even though we sell our men’s apparel online, we want to ensure that everyone has access to a variety of different colors, styles, and fabrics that enhance style. Our men’s fashion apparel incorporates a complimentary color scheme, quality fabrics, and a style that steps out of the average male’s comfort zone and enters a bold and brilliant arena.