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At Eight X, we dream beyond the standard button-up. We believe men should have access to a wide range of expressive, long-lasting, and confidence-boosting pieces.
So we make them.
Our team is made up of leading designers, artisans, and tailors from around the world. We create timeless pieces that are both stylish and practical. Our fabrics are sourced exclusively from Italy, creating pieces that are superior in both quality and comfort.
We also strive to create a sustainable production system, using recycled fabrics and progressive manufacturing techniques that help protect the environment. That’s why we’re proud to provide you with clothing that looks good, feels good, and does well.

We want you to wear our clothes for a very long time. It's why we're committed to sourcing premium fibers to create high-grade, cotton pieces that keep their shape, color, and integrity over years of wear and washes. Plus, they're ultra comfortable.

We understand that the perfect fit means something different for everyone, which is why we offer a range of fits and colors so you can find your unique style.

At Eight X, we're passionate about helping you look good and feel great. Step out into the world in our timeless clothing — confident that you'll stand out from the crowd.


We make all our clothes with you in mind. Our pieces are created for the bold and inspired, designed for you to express your vision and story. Ready to take your style into your own hands? Start your journey into the world of Eight X today.