Polos don’t have to be solid colors anymore and they don’t only need to be worn during golf outings or Sunday morning brunch. In fact, polos can be any design you want to wear to any type of function. If you want to wear stripes, checkers, or a different type of print, you’re able to pick from an array of quality men’s shirts at Eight X. Men’s clothes are diversifying from the previous blacks, beiges, whites, blues, and browns that are in men’s pants, shirts, jackets, and everything in between. Instead of focusing on one color when it comes to polos, Eight X offers an array of designs that are able to be worn to any social event, on the golf course, or even to work on one of those Casual Fridays.

The designs on our quality men’s shirts will deviate from your typical wardrobe. Polos are a versatile type of nice shirt for men and at Eight X we make them even more multifaceted with our one-of-a-kind designs. Some of the designs you’ll find above are printed polos that focus on featuring an array of different tones of color from light cerulean to charcoal. What’s great about these quality men’s shirts is that they are easily washed and made in Turkey. Made of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, you’ll have a slim fit with these men’s clothes.

With the Turkish influence, you won’t be able to find a similar nice shirt for men in retail. At Eight X, we strive to individualize our men’s clothes. With so many blues, whites, browns, black, and beiges on the market for men’s clothes we wanted to help you stick out from the sea of solid colors, especially when it comes to polos. Set yourself apart from the crowd when you shop at Eight X. Our men’s clothes will customize your style and add a little spice to your wardrobe.