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Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

Eight-X menswear is a luxury-clothing brand focused on providing you with bold stand out styles.


Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, we’re inspired by the urban style that surrounds us. However, we never shy away from providing the classic pieces such as denim button ups, solid prints, and paisley prints. From exclusive fashion-forward styles you can’t get anywhere else, to the essential basics, we’ve got you covered.


We also have a large collection of swim trunks, jeans, short sleeve shirts, and polos. All of which are equally as unique and stylish as our signature slim fit shirts.


While we’re located in California, our clothes are made in Turkey to ensure the highest quality. As you can tell, our shirts often feature high quality designs such as jacquard prints, flocking, and intricate details in the collar and cuff.


Here at Eight-X, we work hard to make sure your clothes reflect who you are, and do so well. We hope you stay up to date with our new blog to learn more about what we’re working on, what inspires us, and some style tips along the way!