Black Friday Designer Dress Shirts Deals

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and besides wanting to fill your belly with delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, you’re probably looking forward to shopping for Black Friday deals. As a website devoted to helping you enhance your masculine fashion sense with an array of designer dress shirts and jeans, we want you to not only look great for this family-oriented holiday, but to take advantage of some great Black Friday deals, so you can look great all year round or ensure your loved ones look au courant.

Our Black Friday Deals

All throughout Black Friday you can take advantage of 50 percent off of these items listed below. All orders over $200 get $25 off.



The Clothing Items You Can Purchase At Eight X

If you’ve never shopped at Eight X before and you’ve wanted to purchase from here, but you aren’t sure if it’s the right store for you, then Black Friday is a great time to start putting things in your cart. Due to Black Friday, we have a selection or designer dress shirts all for a great price. Now, you can enjoy purchasing all of those designer shirts that catch your eye all year round and for a great, affordable price. What’s great about Black Friday is that you can take advantage of everything you want to purchase, but want to wait out, so you can benefit from the low prices. If you want to add some shirts to your wardrobe or you want to gift your loved one with a new clothing item this holiday season, then enjoy browsing through our selection of clothes.


Why Our Clothing Options Are Superior

Do you like high quality materials and comfortable clothing? At Eight X, we have a selection of clothing that’s not only fashionable, but agreeable to slide into. Made from a majority of cotton, our designer dress shirts can be worn for a casual day at work or for a fun night out with your friends. These shirts are also very eye catching and are a great way to add finesse to your wardrobe. If you want new jeans, then browse a slimming and flattering fit. If you’re looking for top quality clothing for a great price, then start shopping at Eight X, especially this Black Friday.