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Classic Fit Shirts

Classic fit shirts are a hard style to beat in the wide world of unique men’s clothing. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have trendy, fashion-forward style in the classic fit. While Eight X specializes in slim fit men’s fashion dress shirts, you can bet that we haven’t forgotten about the classic (and classy) man.

With classic fit shirts on the mind, Eight X delivers bright, bold, and patterned fashion dress shirts. One thing that makes Eight X unique is our dedication to providing men’s clothing that fits the “urbansexual” style and personality. Say goodbye to the days of ugly and boring clothes, guys, because these unique men’s clothing items are here to stay.

The colors and patterns on Eight X’s classic fit shirts are not-so-classic. Inspired by the trendsetting Turkish clothing brands, Eight X displays bright blues, purples, and yellows. All classic fit shirts feature a unique and bold pattern on the inner layer, including a stylish button line and interior pocket decoration.

All shirts are 100 percent cotton because we have your comfort in mind. The way you feel inside this shirt is not only driven by the materials that make it. Slip your arms through these classic fit sleeves, tuck in the tail for a truly professional look, and head out the door with your head up and chest out because, man, will you look good.

If you’d like more of a selection in patterns and colors, try out the slim fit shirts to find a piece of unique men’s clothing that will set you apart and set the trend.

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